Artisan Florists

Our florists are independent artisans whose greatest passion is flowers. At Fleurica we support these local artisans by giving them a launchpad to the digital marketplace. We let their artistry shine through and their passion come alive. We don’t do it, our florists do. And you do by supporting them.

Soulful Bouquets

For thousands of years people have arranged flowers to celebrate life's milestones. Flowers convey emotions and connect the souls of givers and receivers, their messages can be countless but they always say "you matter to me". The gift of flowers remains timeless and classic to this day. We truly believe in Connecting People Through Flowers.

Quality First

Our florists do not compromise on quality. No flowers waiting around. No shortcuts. Each and every bloom is chosen once an order is confirmed. Every stalk and stem is prepared by hand. Quality takes time.