Flowers play an indispensible role in Chinese New Year celebrations. I hold close to my heart the annual tradition of visiting floral markets with my family. We would ‘nursery-hop’ in seek of beautiful blooms to decorate the home with. There were the quintessential ones like willows, orchids, lucky bamboo plants, and then there were those in gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, and red that simply caught our eye for how auspicious they look. If you are still looking for what you should get for your home décor, or for Chinese New Year gifting to friends and family, let us help you with some ideas to usher in the Year of the Ox!


Orchids symbolize abundance, fertility, and luxury. With the wide plethora of varieties and colours out there, they are perfect for sending your Chinese New Year greetings with a touch of elegance.

CNY Golden Oncidium Orchids
Dancing yellow beauties – these orchids brighten up any corner of the house.
Basket of Abundance
Tricolored Orchids in Reusable rattan basket.
CNY Lady Fortune
Orange cymbidiums (boat orchids) steal the limelight in this colourful arrangement of yellows and reds.

Pussy Willows

Pussy willows symbolize growth and prosperity; embodying the onset of spring season perfectly. These branches of fluffy blossoms are available in the natural white/grey colour, as well as in auspicious striking colours of red, pink, and orange.


With the rich and bright hues of chrysanthemums, they bring depths of warmth whilst sending greetings of longevity and wealth, especially to your elderly ones.

Modern Floral Arrangements for a ‘Huat’ Year of the Ox

Looking for a statement centerpiece to place in a key spot at home or in the office to ring in the New Year with good fengshui? Or a spectacular gift for your corporate clients or besties? If you are looking for something that spells ‘huat’ yet exudes modern contemporary vibes, here’s our lowdown!

Chinese New Year Preserved Floral Arrangements

With the rising trend in preserved flowers, we are loving these options for those who prefer arrangements that could last through the entire 14 days of Chinese New Year, and up to months after!

Sharing Our Selection of Best 2021 Chinese New Year Goodies

This Chinese New Year, we are thrilled to work with Singapore’s leading artisans to bring you festive gifts that are sure to please. Delectable pineapple tarts and ondeh tart balls by Whiskdom, exquisitely designed cushion covers by Binary Style, wellness teas inspired by Chinese herbs and florals by Tily Tea, and more! We promise these Chinese New Year gifts are sure to create a lasting impression and bring joy! You can either purchase individually, or add them on to your floral arrangement as a gift set. Find them under Shop ‘Artisan Gifts’!

Ondeh Tart Balls by Whiskdom
A Very Lucky Scarf by Binary Style
Classic Pineapple Tarts by Whiskdom
Tropical Party Cushion Cover by Binary Style
Tily Tea + Tea Cup Set
Jean Josselin Champagne

Your Flower Shop in Singapore wishing y’all a wonderful Year of the Ox filled with abundance, prosperity, good health and blessings! Huat ah!!