Monstera and Palm leaves

What could be more appropriate to celebrate Singapore’s Bicentennial than a floral installation inspired by the botanical illustrations of William Farquhar? We were thrilled to follow our partner florist INA.SHEA behind the scenes of the floral set up, for the 2019 Patrons Dinner at Singapore’s National Museum.

From conceptualising the floral backdrop to choosing the flowers and botanicals and finally creating the arrangements at the venue, every detail is examined – how to the leaves of a particular palm fall and do they project the desired shape… how do the colours come together to contrast and complement all at once. Our Fleurica team was lucky enough to see the action behind the scenes on location at the National Museum. Come along with us and have a look.

Some of the lovely blooms incorporated into the palms and jungly greens.

Inspired by the botanical illustrations of Malaya’s natural fauna and floral, the duo at INA.SHEA put their creativity to work to recreate the look of a lush, deep green, and at the same colourful, bright jungle – with a modern twist.

Bright white orchids and colourful Ranunculus peeking out from behind deep green monstera leaves. Palm leaves fanning out from a tall perch – reminiscent of how tall these trees can actually grow and how they provide natural shade in the jungle. Interspersed with delicate Matthiolas and Hydrangeas in shades of green, pink and white.

One of William Farquhar’ s botanical illustrations, from the anthology “Natural History Drawings – The Complete William Farquhar Collection” published by the National Museum of Singapore.
A Civilised Jungle