Bouquet of Flowers in a vase

What does artisan flowers & gifts mean? It is just a slightly overused marketing word that has sort of lost it’s meaning?

Not to us – flower bouquets are by default artisan, as designs are composed and created by florists. If you’ve ever attended a hand-bouquet workshop, you’ll know that composing a bouquet and tying the stems together at arm’s length requires strong arms and deft fingers.

Definition of Artisan by the OED

Artisan flowers & gifts is not a frilly superficial word, it brings to mind the soulful dedication that someone who truly loves what they do brings to their work.

We’re excited to share the story behind each one of the artisan florists & Singapore brands that we work with. There are passionate, fun & committed individuals and teams behind each and every one – their joy & style reflected in each of their creations.

Have a browse below at some our customers’ favourite artisan flowers over the years – or head over to our artisan flower marketplace to find yours!