We talked to floral experts to find their best tips and tricks on how to care for your fresh flowers in Singapore’s tropical climate. A little care goes a long way in keeping your flower fresh for longer!


Your bouquet has been carefully wrapped in paper by the florist to protect the delicate flowers during their journey. There is not enough water in the packaging to keep the blooms hydrated beyond a few hours. The first step to keeping your flowers fresh for longer is unwrap them as soon as possible and put them in a clean vase with fresh water. Remove every layer of paper, sponge, or other material surrounding the stems and put your cut flowers in water.

Fleurica tip: To retain the aesthetic and shape of the bouquet, you can keep the flowers string that binds the flowers together in the vase, and untie your bouquet after a day or two to allow the flowers space to bloom.

Air Con

Do you get a chill when you walk into a blast of aircon? Your flowers do too. The constant change of temperature is not good for any of us. Florists are very conscious of this – we have been told that flowers will catch a cold if left too long in a cold room… Flowers do prefer a cool environment. We have found that cut flowers also prefer a constant temperature, and tend to last a few more days if we keep them within a cool, air-conditioned environment. At night, when we turn off the living room aircon, our vase of flowers moves to the bedside table, and in the morning moves back. Think of it as making your flowers comfortable for the night.


Natural light brings out the beauty of, well pretty much everything. Flowers look great near a window but in our tropical climate the sun & warmth streaming in through the glass heats them up – exactly like a greenhouse in your air conditioned room. Kayly from Bucket Full of Roses told us to “avoid direct sunlight and always store [your flowers] in a cool environment”.


Change the water every day. Every florist will tell you this, especially in warm climates where bacteria will breed in the water faster… but it is easy to forget. Give your cut flowers fresh water every day. Rinse our the vase, fill it up with fresh water. Voila, one more day of happy blooms to brighten your day!

Fleurica tip: Rinse & clean with dish soap your the vase, especially if the vase water was cloudy, to be sure to minimise bacterial growth.


Flowers also look lovely on a table with bowls of fruit, say apples, bananas or pears… which emit a ethylene gas, a plant hormone that ripens the fruit but also speeds up the decay of your cut flowers. Fruits such as mangoes and bananas are known to produce more ethylene than other fruit, in fact if you’d like to ripen your fruit faster put them in a bowl with bananas or mangoes.

Fleurica tip: Keep fruit bowls apart from your flowers to prolong the longevity of your beautiful blooms.

Stems (and leaves)

When you change the vase water, trim the stems (or rinse/wipe if you are worried about the height of the bouquet). Why? “Only stems should be in the water. Keep foliage out of the water to prevent rotting and bacteria growth ” says Daryl from Bloomen. Bacteria growth speeds up decay and means your flowers will start wilting.a

Fleurica tip: As the days pass remove any flowers that are looking too faded or drooping to keep the longer lasting ones fresh. If the stems are slimy at the ends be sure to cut off the slimy portion, as this will encourage bacteria