Blue Delphinium Up Close

Delphinium, and Larkspur, are one of Nature’s few ‘true blue’ flowers. These little beauties are related to buttercups, and grow in the wild, in meadows, and at the edge of forests. Often used in garden landscaping to create an untamed-secret-garden look, or as a border in a landscape, thanks to their long stalks covered in flowers. We love them for their delicate papery flowers, which continue to blossom after cutting, and their long elegant stems – making them ideal for a cut flower bouquet.

Origin of the Name

The name Delphinium comes from the Greek ‘Delphis’, meaning dolphin. It is so named as the buds are thought to resemble a dolphin’s nose. Delphinium flowers are tied to Greek mythology through the legend of the warrior Ajax, and the battle of Troy. When Ajax fell, a Delphinium plant grew around his body and flowers covered the ground.

Delphinium plants are often called Larkspur. the two names are often used interchangeably, although they do refer to different types of the plant and flower. Larkspur , sometimes Knight’s Claw, was so called by the Tudors in Medieval England, as the centre of the flowers was thought to resemble a bird’s claw.

Uses Of Delphinium

Delphinium have historically been used for medicinal purposes, including as sleep medicine. Over time these have been discontinued as it became clear that Delphinium plants are in fact poisonous to humans and animals, in particular the seeds and young shoots. The unusual blue colour of these blooms means that the petals were also distilled into a blue dye, mainly used for to colour clothing .

Today, Delphinium are used in garden landscapes, to create depth, and layers, lending a country cottage look to a garden. In bouquets, Delphinium flowers are often used to give height and shape as the flowers run the length of the stems and continue to bloom after cutting. They are versatile flowers, used beautifully in cascading bridal bouquets, as well as tall, statement, table centerpieces thanks to their graceful long stems and colorful flowers.

Delphinium can also be dried and used in preserved arrangements. They retain a pastel blue hue and their delicate, elegant shape, making an unusual and charming contrast to the warm, golden tones characteristic of dried floral arrangements.

Meaning of Delphinium Flowers

Delphinium flowers symbolize lightness, cheerfulness, and openness. They are also used as a protective symbol against danger – thanks to their ability to cure scorpion stings. These are delicate, beautiful, and powerful flowers. Whether in a fresh or dried arrangement, they are a lovely gift to convey cheerfulness, fun, joy, and encouragement.

Ideal in a bouquet for someone starting a new venture, be it a new business, new studies, or recently moved to a new country. These flowers are a wonderful way to convey support and encouragement to a friend or loved one, and a very pretty statement bouquet on a reception table, or at the desk of a new business or shop.