Fleurica Orchid

No other better way to celebrate National Day than to share about orchids! Courtesy of Toh Garden, an established orchid grower in Singapore for close to two decades, we had an enriching tour at their nurseries and were treated to a visual feast of gorgeous colours. The nursery boasts an amazing selection of orchids – Vandaceous, Dendrodiums, Oncidiums, and more.

Meticulously cultivated orchids of beautiful warm orange and red hues @ Toh Garden.
Something calming about that blue skies and elegant purple orchids combination that is truly reminiscent of Singapore as home.

Dendrobium Orchids

There are more than 1,200 individual species of Dendrodium, making it one of the biggest orchid groups. These orchids are native to Southeast Asia and require high levels of humidity and water during its growing seaon – it is no wonder that they are a common feature in Singapore. These orchids thrive in strong, natural sunlight – around 50 – 75% sunlight. In orchid nurseries, these orchids are often grown under a net to provide for a partially shaded environment, optimal for growth and flowering while avoiding sunburns.

White Dendrodiums grown under a net at Toh Garden to provide for a partially shaded environment

“While an ice cold shower or gelato scoop rejuvenates you in the sweltering heat in Singapore, it does not work the same way for these orchids. Watering them in the hot sun risk ‘shocking’ the plants, whereas they are best watered in early mornings or late afternoons when sunlight is mild. Tender, gentle care needed indeed!”

Vandaceous Orchids

Vandaceous orchids are close relatives to the vanda, some of the more popular species include Ascocenda, Renanthera, Vanda, and Aranthera. This group of orchids, also known as the “Vanda Alliance” are made up mostly of sun-loving orchids with colorful flowers.These orchids are typically much more heat loving compared to other orchids – requiring around 70 – 100% of sunlight daily.

Ever wondered why orchids are sometimes seen in charcoal pots? Excessive watering causes root rot and fungal growth, hence proper porous orchid pots are very important as they allow for excess water to sieve through.

Charcoal provides an ideal porous growth environment

While we were already so blown away by the perfectly cultivated orchids and the immense level of care and details required to propagate these plants, we were treated to yet another amazing fact! Apart from cut flowers and potted orchids, Toh Garden also produces remarkable hybrids for organization namings. Idea for your next anniversary gift? 😉 For the 35th birthday of Shangri-La Singapore, the nursery specially produced an orchid hybrid named Dendrobium Shangri-La Singapore, a hybrid between the Dendrobium Palolo Sunshine x Dendrodium Pink Spider.

Dendrobium Shangri-La Singapore. Photo Credits: Toh Garden

We are so grateful for the lovely afternoon spent at Toh Garden and are thankful that in our urbanised city, there remains pockets of oasis like this nursery for a mini weekend getaway!

Thank you to Xueyi and Toh Garden for sharing their knowledge and insights! Visit them at www.tohgarden.com.