Before we delve into flower care for your dried flowers, let’s take one step back. Dried flowers are not the same as preserved flowers. Many flowers that are preserved, using different methods, cannot be traditionally dried with the same effect.

Dried flowers are real flowers that have been naturally air-dried, usually by hanging upside down for several weeks. It is a wonderful way to preserve a wedding bouquet for example, and used for centuries to create long-lasting scented posies with dried lavender flowers. These can last for months and months, even years (and longer – traces of dried flowers have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs!).

Preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a preservation treatment, to maintain their colour and shape, and texture. This is not the same as dried flowers, which are merely hung upside down. Preserved, and dried flowers, require little daily care and can last for many months if handled appropriately. We chatted with the experts to uncover best the flower care tips for dried flowers (please click here for care tips on preserved flowers).

Do Dried Flowers Need Water?

Avoid any and all contact with water, quite simply. Dried flowers do not need to be watered, not even misted with water, as this will encourage mold to grow on the stems or leaves of the dried plant. This is especially so in Singapore’s tropical climate. If you start to notice brown spots on the petals or leaves of your dried flowers, this is likely to be the first sign that mold has set in.

How Do Sunlight and Humidity Affect Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers will last the longest if kept indoors, away from the ambient tropical humidity in Singapore. Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not necessarily need cooler temperatures but they do benefit from the dryness of an air-conditioned room. Dried stems that are left outside, or consistently near an open window, in tropical humidity will eventually start to mold.

Although dried flowers will not wilt – already dried yah – sunlight will gradually degrade the colour and shape of the flowers, eventually fading to brown.

Are Dried Flowers More Fragile Than Fresh Flowers?

Although dried flowers require very little daily care, unlike their fresh counterparts, they do need to be handled very carefully when arranging in a vase or unwrapping a bouquet. The shape of the blooms, the petals, and leaves are very fragile and very sensitive to crushing, pressing, or folding. Some dried flowers will eventually lose their petals naturally.

Pro Tip:

Use a hairdryer set on low temperature/without heat, and the softest flow to gently blow off dust when necessary, or use a soft brush to remove dust lightly 

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How Should I Use Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are real, natural flowers that have been hung upside down. The colours tend to mellow, with brown and gold or pale yellow tones. As such as they are generally used in arrangements to bring a rustic ambience to an arrangement or a room. They can be used as table accents, tucked into a napkin, or placed on a table, to bring a natural, farmhouse or boho-chic look to a table decor, or to soften the decor without adding too much colour.

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