Preserved flowers are real flowers that have undergone a preservation treatment, to maintain their colour, shape, and texture. The flowers are picked at the peak of the bloom and undergo the preservation process as a method of preserving – sometimes enhancing – their natural beauty. These are different from dried flowers, which are simply hung upside down and allowed to air-dry. Preserved floral arrangements require little daily care and can last for many months, even years, if handled appropriately. We chatted with the experts to uncover best the flower care tips for preserved flowers.

Do Preserved Flowers Need Water?

The quick answer is no. Avoid all contact with water, quite simply. This is a new one when it comes to flower care, but preserved flowers should not be watered, not even misted, as this will encourage mold to grow & discolouration to set in on the stems and petals of the flowers. This is especially so in Singapore’s tropical climate.

How Do Sunlight and Humidity Affect Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers will last the longest if kept indoors, ideally in an cool dry room, but not in the direct path of the chilly air, and away from direct sunlight.

During the process of dehydration, colour is naturally lost from the petals. Part of the overall flower preservation process includes reintroducing colour, with natural dyes and colouring, sometimes to mimic the colour of the fresh flower and often to make the colour brighter & more vibrant. Bright sunlight will gradually lead to discolouration and fading.

Preserved Flowers in a Vase
Dried Roses And Pampas Bouquet

Are Preserved Flowers More Fragile Than Fresh Flowers?

Although preserved flowers require virtually no daily care once set in a vase or as a table centerpiece, they do need to be handled very carefully. The shape of the blooms, the petals, and leaves are very fragile, akin to a very thin paper, and very sensitive to crushing, pressing, or folding. The stems tend to be brittle and will not bend the way a fresh cut flower will.

Occasionally a thin wood branch may be used to assist the stem of a preserved flower in standing tall in an arrangement, as the stems of preserved flowers tend to be delicate. Extra care is needed when handling and unwrapping a preserved flower bouquet.

Use a hairdryer (low temperature/without heat) to gently blow off dust when necessary, or use a soft brush to remove dust lightly 

Gifts WITH Ease
Dried Hydrangea in Macrame Glass Jar

How Should I Use Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers are real, natural flowers that have been treated with drying agents to speed the drying process & preserve the shape & texture of the blooms. As the preserved flowers are then re-coloured, the options are nearly endless in terms of brightness and colour shading & tone. This is why many preserved flowers have colours that do not exist in nature, and lend themselves very well to bright and festive table decor, or to brighten up the corner of a drawing room or entryway. Think of bunches of hydrangeas in sorbet colours, instead of balloons, or posies of preserved roses in bold, bright pop-art colours.

Brightly hued preserved flowers will add cheer & colour, and a little touch of whimsy or elegance depending on the colour tone, to a decor. The softness of the texture and natural shapes of the flowers bring a very different look and feel than traditionally dried flowers.

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