Soft Pastel Preserved flowers by Floral Mikelle

Dried flowers can last for months and months, even years (and longer – traces of dried flowers have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs!). We chatted with the experts to uncover best the flower care tips for dried, and preserved flowers.


Avoid contact with water, quite simply. This is a new one when it comes to flower care, but dried and preserved flowers should not be watered at all. Not even misted with water, as this will encourage mold to grow on the stems or leaves of the dried plant. This is especially so in our tropical climate.

Sunlight and Humidity

Preserved and dried flowers will last the longest, indoors, away from ambient humidity, and in a bright area but not a window with direct sun. Humidity will, over time, encourage mold growth on the stems and sunlight will degrade the colour and shape of the flowers – by further drying them.

Handle With Care

Although dried and preserved flowers require very little daily care, unlike their fresh counterparts, they do need to be handled very carefully. The shape of the blooms, the petals, and leaves are very fragile and sensitive to crushing, pressing, or folding.

Use hairdryer (low temperature/without heat) to gently blow off dust when necessary, or use a soft brush to remove dust lightly 

Gifts WITH Ease

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