We love a Christmas Wreath hanging on the door to herald in the holiday spirit! But how to care for a wreath, especially in this tropical heat?

What Kind Of Wreath?

Is it a hanging wreath or a table centrepiece? A hanging wreath will not have a source of water as the wreath structure, which maintains the shape, is made of cardboard, wood or straw none which will retain water to keep your greens and blooms fresh. Spritz or mist the wreath with fresh water once daily to keep pine branches and other foliage fresh and green. After a week or so the greens will start to dry in place; it is a different look but also lovely.

A table centrepiece wreath is designed to rest on a table or flat surface and will have an underlying source of water in the structure. To care for these mist with water or add fresh water to the structure. These wreaths are designed to rest on a flat surface and not hang vertically, often with a candle in the middle to elevate the festive look.

A subtle pine scent adds to the ambient festive atmostphere – but do avoid scented candles at mealtimes as it distracts from the meal!

Dried, Fresh or Combination?

Dried wreaths can be made of thin branches intertwined into a circle with dried leaves and flowers, sometimes decorative items such as cinnamon sticks or dried orange slices. Dried branches could be eucalyptus leaves, cotton stems, and other unusual items. Small touches such as cinnamon bark add a lovely holiday scent to the wreath. Dried wreaths do not require watering of any kind as the water combined with the ambient heat will lead to the wreath rotting. Dried wreaths can last many weeks, up to several months and more depending on how delicate the dried elements are.

Christmas Wreath with Red Roses

A fresh Christmas wreath with dark greens and fresh colourful blooms is so festive – these are generally table centrepieces as the fresh flowers need water to stay beautiful. Fresh blooms will last only a few hours without water and are generally not included in hanging wreaths as they will wilt very quickly. Think of a bouquet of roses out of the water for 2 hours….

A wreath that combines fresh pine with dried elements requires very little care – it will gradually, over the course of 5-10 days, dry in shape. This is a lovely way to keep a wreath beyond the holiday season – they are lovely at all times of the year!

So how long will your wreath last? Is it a hanging wreath with dried flowers and foliage, or it is a table centrepiece with fresh blooms? A dried wreath can last for months, even in our tropical climate. A fresh hanging wreath, that you mist daily, will stay fresh and green for up to a week to 10 days, after that it will start drying and change look. Dried it can keep as long as a dried wreath. A fresh table centrepiece will likely keep fresh 5 days with regular watering; you can also carefully remove flowers that start to wilt if the remaining stems are still beautiful.