Bunch of brightly coloured tulips wrapped for Mothers Day

This year we’re giving you some inspiration for Mother’s Day on which kind of flowers to gift, and the meaning of these, along with some of our favourite Mother’s Day quotes – check back here as we will be adding more & more inspiration. May is the height of Spring and many flowers are at their most beautiful at this time of the year, giving a wide variety of colours & flowers to choose from and make your mom feel special!


Roses are ideal for Mother’s Day – not only are they far and away the most gifted flowers (over 80% of bouquets ordered through Fleurica feature roses as one of the design flowers) – they are long-lasting and can fit any number of styles, from whimsical & rustic (think cute, multi-bloom, spray roses) to elegant & sophisticated (large, single bloom, premium roses), scented or non-scented, preserved or fresh.

While there over 150 varieties of roses, and each colour carries different meanings, pink roses, white or pastel yellow are lovely choices to celebrate Mother’s Day. Pink roses are usually given to show admiration, joy and gratitude, whilst pastel yellow roses are given to celebrate friendship and joy.


May is the peak season for peonies from the Northern Hemisphere, this is the time when these beautiful flowers are large, fluffy, and at their best. With colours ranging from deep purple to light pink and white, or even the gorgeous coral peonies that gradually morph in colour from hot pink to a subtle pastel pink, these flowers are a joy to look at.

Peonies symbolise honor, happiness and good fortune. As these blooms are native to China, they are a very important part of Chinese New Year symbolism and often feature prominently as a decorative motif on ceramics, tableware as well as around in artwork.


Bright and colourful tulips are synonymous with springtime! Which flower lover has not imaged themselves standing in a field of tulips, with row upon row of brightly coloured gems stretching to the horizon – what an experience. It is no secret that tulips have been prized for centuries – the Tulipmania boom and just in the 1400s is widely regarding as the first marketplace ‘crash’ in world economics. The Keukenhof’s annual flower expo with tulips as the feature flower attracts millions of visitors each year – pre-pandemic naturally, as the Keukenhof ran a virtual show in 2020 and is doing the same in 2021. These blooms are versatile, colourful and cheerful and have long been given as a symbol of deep and profound love. With many times of tulips to choose from, there’s one for every style. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

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