We are Fleurica. We believe in many things. One of the clearest is that we need to be true. To our customers, to our florist partners and to ourselves.

We aren’t ‘just another digital marketplace’. At Fleurica we work with talented floral artisans and individuals who share our values and vision. We showcase their exquisite, soulful arrangements – helping you to uncover these gems.

We are transparent. With our pricing, with our processes, with what we do. We are not florists. We connect talented, passionate florists to customers who appreciate what they do.

We support small businesses. We believe that competing on price hinders a small business’ opportunity to flourish. We have visited wholesalers, flower farms, numerous florists, and we understand the cost of importing flowers, the time, effort, skill that goes into growing, tending to flowers, preparing bouquets and floral installations. We would love to share that with you!

We appreciate the beauty, and hard work, of floral artistry.  Sometimes finding true gems takes a little extra effort, and this is where we can help. Fleurica takes you through that unmarked door to discover a world of colourful, exquisite blooms and delightful scents, tastefully arranged by Singapore’s finest artisan florists. We know our florists care about your floral gift as you do. For them it’s more than work, it is a true passion which is a true gem in today’s commercialised world.

Our platform is digital because we know firsthand that convenience matters. Digital is the future, one where connecting to the people we care about has never been easier… or more difficult. We believe in Connecting People Through Flowers, one of the timeless ways of expressing care for another. Come and explore our world of flowers, meet our artisan florists, or simply get inspired!

Lara and Corinna